Burning question: If you have an account on a public Unix server (like sdf.org) what do you do with it?

I would even accept an answer along the lines of “it’s a community,” by the way. That makes total sense, but that also seems like all it offers.

(Which is my way of saying, “Please tell me how I’m wrong.”)

@djmoch I've seen it used as an intermediary site for downloading files via ftp but that was a long time ago.

@AskChip you make it sound like folks just use them to hose warez ;)

@djmoch I think the items he moved to it for later download were legal but I really didn't know. The internet existed at the time but the WWW didn't yet.


Web crawler? Crontab execution of a schedule? Be nostalgic like talk to others who are logged in?

@Otuk These little fiddley things are about all I came up with too, and I can do two out of the three from my home server!

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