Another reason why is better than Travis CI: I can paste my build manifest into and test it without pushing a bunch of fake/testing commits to git

If I didn’t self-host my code, I’d be looking very hard at Based on what I’ve seen, @sir is striking the right balance of meaningful features while staying out of your way.

‪3yo: “Daddy, I see a doggy bone on your computer screen!”‬

‪Me: “Where?”‬

‪3yo: *points to surprisingly dog-bone-shaped text-input mouse cursor*‬

‪Me: huh ...‬

‪Here’s a good heuristic. Phone calls originating from the same area code and exchange (the second, three-digit grouping) are almost always spam. Mobile devices should ignore them unless the number is in your contacts. ‬

base2 = binary
base8 = octal
base10 = decimal
base16 = hexadecimal
base64 = hexatetradecimal?

I like self-hosting my Git repos, but hate all of the compromises of the GitLab/Gitea UX. Cgit and Gitolite FTW!

It’s helpful to know the different diff algorithms so you can know when to use which

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

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