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Daniel Moch @djmoch@mastodon.technology

Also on the hunt for CLI client for NextCloud Notes.

Anyone know of an easy way to port notes from Simplenote to NextCloud Notes?

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there should be an app called positron that uninstalls all electron apps from your computer

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@djmoch There is a notes system called Edith which has no user interface and is as simple as it gets.

I've been using Simplenote for years, but I'd really like to find a self-hosted alternative. I'm already running NextCloud on my server, so NextCloud Notes is an obvious choice, *but* I really want a terminal-based client for my laptop.

Any recommendations?

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My mother-in-law text messaged the whole family to let us know that, although the insect in the attached photo might *look* like a cockroach, it was most assuredly *not* a cockroach.

The. Whole. Family.

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"Oops, we did it again." draft-elders-social-media-apology-00 tools.ietf.org/html/draft-elde Read section 3 and then back up to 2.4

Sometimes I wonder if techno-anxiety is just an overreaction to the techno-utopianism of the last twenty years

I feel like I need to take a social media break for a while and get my priorities straight. See you all on the other side.

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On every new install of Outlook I have to disable automatic list generation in the autocorrect options, as that feature always creates an enumeration when I sign a mail with "A. Bochmann" *sigh*

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Chats that are better than Facebook messenger:

+ Riot
+ Literally everything else.

Expired: 256 color terminal themes
Tired: True color terminal themes
Wired: 16 color terminal themes

It’s all about compatibility


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While looking for parts on digikey, I ran across the Xilinx Vertex Ultrascale+ XCUV13P. Move over avocado toast, FPGAs are the reason millennials can't afford houses.

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The fetishistic obsession of control among the rich even transcends the perceived end of the world

Some of these people actually want to go to Mars, not for scientific discovery or for the sake of the endeavor. Just to survive the apocalypse that they likely precipitated


Oh yeah! Here the dot matrix printer we had to go along with it. I’m a day late for , but I’m enjoying the nostalgia anyway.

Or maybe the expansion was to 128 KB. Can’t remember ...