Dipping my toes back into the social media waters. What did I miss?

I haven’t been very engaged here recently, and truth be told I think I need to take an indefinite social media hiatus. Consider me signed off for now.

I've just released version 0.3.4 of nncli, the NextCloud Notes Command Line Interface. cc: @nextcloud


Available on the AUR, with signed releases available on PyPI and at git.danielmoch.com/nncli

So I gave up and decided to have QEMU expose SPICE via a UNIX socket with group-write access, then accessing it remotely via SSH socket forwarding.

Has anyone ever tried using SASL and QEMU+SPICE *without* libvirt? It seems like it just doesn't work.

From birdsite: "New Years Eve in 1970 must have been an epoch party."

@aral That pretty much sums up why the Mac is so compelling for people: it pretty much just work, it's thoughtfully designed, and it's a complete package. They don't have to worry about hardware choices. People just have to say "I like that one." It's a basic marketing concept: make it easy as possible for the client to say 'Yes.'

@djmoch Wife and I share this concern.

We never post pictures, and I never use Daughter's name so the little anecdotes I share won't be Google-able in that way. I also avoid posting her exact birthday.

It's tricky though, I like to share little stories about milestones and funny events. Some of those might embarrass her... so I might need to curtail even that as she grows older.

So are lights basically just singles bars for moths?

The local Linux User Group, whose email list I had participated in for a while, is led by folks so negative towards systemd that they’re content to turn the entire group into a forum to rehash their pet arguments against it ad infinitum.

Incidentally, they’d also like to know why attendance is declining and what they can do about it. Doesn’t look like I’ll be around to see what that discussion produces.

Just ordered a ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Should be a much better fit for the FOSS OS and software I’ve been running than my current MacBook Pro. Looking forward in particular to divesting myself of the Nvidia graphics card.

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