You: Running AwesomeWM in a VM? With two screens? At work? No one can live at that speed!

Me: *smiles nonchalantly*

I’m kind of sad and scared that most of my weekly links article are now articles hosted on Medium. If Medium closes, I (we) will loose a LOT of content, and I’ll have 404 everywhere :/ I don’t like the centralized internet :(

Just made the leap and switched from OpenVPN to WireGuard. It's actually working better, IMHO!

Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

> "Most of Mastodon’s early users shared a common background: Some were furries, others worked in tech, some even developed video games."

And some, I assume, are good people.

Finally looking into WireGuard, and I have to say that I'm impressed. Might be replacing my current VPN setup in the near future.

@aral @bob @mjog @neoncipher @alcinnz Aral, GNOME is not the GNOME Foundation. The GNOME Foundation is disconnected from every day development on GNOME, and it does not represent the views of every contributor to GNOME.

Many people working on GNOME are vehemently against surveillance capitalism - that's why a lot of us are working on it: to provide an alternative platform to those created by surveillance capitalists. It is a problem that the Foundation receives money from Google, but it certainly doesn't mean that we don't care.

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"Your days are subtly influenced by marketers, behavioral scientists, and mathematicians armed with cloud supercomputers. All of this is done in the name of maximizing profit to influence what you’re thinking, buying, and whom you will be electing…"

World Bank blog post

According to a recent survey, 74% of Americans don’t know *that* Facebook compiles a list of their interests in order to serve ads to them

The creator of Ruby on Rails: “We think [traditional blogs are] about to swing back in style, as we all discover the real costs and problems brought by [Medium’s] centralization.”

If fake-news sharing is driven by age, as this study purports, then I would imagine the problem is one of education. How do folks know what a reputable source is when they’re not digital natives?

Writing a window manager seems like the perfect use case for Rust, so Way-Cooler looks pretty awesome (pun intended).

You know what I think it is? I was misunderstood, which is always a big deal for me. Feeling misunderstood is like feeling alone for me, and feeling alone makes me feel ... I guess sad.

I’m not here for pity, but if you identify with what I’m saying at all I’d feel privileged to hear about it.

Like, it wasn’t even *that* discouraging, but I’ve spent the last hour in a funk

Do you ever have a day and it’s going really well, until something discouraging happens and it just ruins everything?

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