spent 3 hours doing a hackerrank test, 2 out of 3 test cases failed but couldn't work out why as they don't give you the test case input

heartbroken tbh, feels like I've wasted 3 hour of my life

The reddit redesign causes the fan on my laptop go into overdrive, it's crippling on my browser too.

Switching to old.reddit.com is a completely different, silky smooth experience.

I honestly don't get it, and hope they never take away the old design.

Anyone got any methods of finding out what app on my phone is trying to connect to some analytics endpoint called "localytics" every 30 seconds? It's failing because my Pi-Hole is blocking the traffic, but I'd imagine this is sucking battery dry

Amazing seeing the amount of people nitpicking about the word "serverless" as if it's the most critical discussion point. It's almost a law now, any post that rises up on hacker news/reddit about serverless stuff will almost certainly have someone griping about the terminology in the comments

I understand that they probably want to keep things consistent so have just stuck with their markdown subset, but it could be so much better.

Maybe a decentralised version of Medium could exist? Or does it exist? I remember blog syndication and linkbacks from the 2000s which was half way there

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Syndicating blog posts to Medium is ok but in some ways its a bit crap because you lose some formatting features from your personal blog. For example, indented bullet points don't work, there's no concept of footnotes, there's no syntax highlighting for code.

I like the social features of Medium like the claps, the comments, the sense of community, but it just feels bad.

Just set up Kubernetes on one of my Raspberry Pis. Setup was pretty simple but hoo-boy there's a lot of things to learn

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