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A right-leaning federal court stunningly reinstated a Texas law allowing users to sue FB, Twitter & YouTube for viewpoint "censorship"—making content moderation all but impossible.

Now it will likely fall to SCOTUS to decide the future of online speech: washingtonpost.com/politics/20

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I’ve been saying for years that Wikipedia/Wikimedia should have an ‘exit the USA’-plan. It’s just not as long term stable as often assumed. It’s an extremist country in many ways.

@dj_hartman I haven't yet heard of other options that would work as well?

@Greg @dj_hartman IIRC our traditional thinking was that the European options have inconvenient libel/right-to-forget/moderation laws, but I don't know if anybody has seriously looked at "what if the US environment got bad enough we had to leave period, and those trade-offs would be forced on us".

@Greg @dj_hartman it is my sincere hope that there's some actual planning on this subject happening somewhere behind the scenes. ;)

@brion @dj_hartman we have great lawyers and policy folks who are super duper smart so I presume there's a "in the back pocket" memo ready with most of the leg work started, but yeah, annoying problem. :(

@Greg @brion I hope so. This seems like a scenario that u can plan for, and that is not totally unimaginable. As such, I think we should plan for it, it’s too important not to.

@Greg they don’t have to be ‘as well’. They just have to be better than what the USA might degrade to. Iceland is my favorite backup. Let’s not forget that 6 months ago a government was almost overthrown.

@dj_hartman Good point re Iceland. I'd consider moving :)

And yeah, don't remind me :(

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