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Just in: DAZN is laying off staff - including software engineers - in their Amsterdam office.

DAZN is a sports streaming company, "the Netflix for sports", founded & funded by Ukrainian-born billionaire Len Blavatnik. The company got a $4.3B investment from Blavatnik in Feb.

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I registered the domain slashdot.org 25 years ago today. I was learning Perl by developing what today is called a CMS to more easily maintain my homepage… in the process I decided i was building news for nerds, but was clueless what it would eventually mean.

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After the liberation of the village of Peski-Radkovsky in the Kharkiv region, another Russian torture chamber was found. Among other things, a box with torn dentures was found - Head of the Investigation Department Sergey Bolvinov

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Google Maps reviews for en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockall
Also. TIL Rockall and Hasselwood are rocks sticking out in the middle of the ocean that are claimed by the UK.

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More on that company i posted about yesterday who want to buy our NHS data and privatise our health service. They now coming for the voices like @doctorow@twitter.com who keep us informed using Discord. We have been warned twitter.com/leahmcelrath/statu

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Slicks, koude banden, afkoelende baan en willen inhalen. Dit gaat niet in een keer goed zeg ik.

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Serious Controversy in Pro fishing tournament as multiple-time winners caught stuffing lead weights and other fish filets in their fish to have the heaviest catch to win hundreds of thousands in prizes.

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All who left talk about how they tried to use their videos, to educate ppl and hoping to change minds and bring reason. But in the end, it became too dangerous and they had to go. They seem to feel defeated, disappointed and tired after fleeing.

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NFKRZ, Inside Russia, Natasha's Adventures, Niki Proshin, Eli from Russia. Almost all are out of Russia now. Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan..

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I'd been casually following several Russian Youtubers. Just because I think that you should always keep looking beyond your own place.

Heeft allemaal geen zak met de inflatie te maken, maar lekker stoken die rare eend.

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Zeg maar dag tegen je spaargeld en je pensioen want in dit land ligt de prioriteit bij stikstofmythes, ‘klimaat koploper willen zijn’, transgender geneuzel, woke-waanzin en gekijf in de Kamer.

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Van Meijeren beweerde dat @ngundogan77@twitter.com geen intimiderende mailtjes had ontvangen. Hij wordt echter hier keihard op z'n plek gezet door Nilüfer Gündogan, die recht vanuit het hart deelt wat voor walgelijke berichten en intimidatie zij mee te maken krijgt dankzij FvD. t.co/aEVQ8diRFP

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Pls stay where u are.

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My statement at a press conference in yesterday after 4 days observing referendum prep & voting, ballot counting & external voting. The West has always lied & it will continue to lie especially when people resist their tyranny & oppression.

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All these armchair, know it best, wikimedians who think it's so easy to do develop some changes for en.wp, yet can't even keep more than 3 capable editors to skin their own goddamn templates, really are not the salt of the earth they think they are.

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