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Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 7 - Nvidia Buys ARM, GNOME CoC, Linux Exploits, Free vs Proprietary

Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 6 - Edge Isn't FOSS, Ubuntu Alternative, Patent Trolls, Clem, FSF Awards

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on Unfettered Freedom that HBO Max dropped support for all browsers in Linux. One of the viewers of the channel has started a petition to let HBO know how we feel. So please, whether you use HBO or not, please sign the petition to help your fellow Linux users. And share the link below on social media and forums to get the word out. Thanks, guys!

Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 4 - Google and FOSS, Patent Trolls, Linux FUD, Firefox, Arch Linux

#ICYMI - #PureOS for Creatives Part 1: Music Production with the #librem15

"In 2020, there is a free software equivalent for every mainstream commercial program on the market today."

The first in a three-part series on PureOS for Creatives by our guest blogger, Tre Scranton

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