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Inspired by Derek @distrotube I decided to have a go at a youtube video. Took hours to produce but I'll get better. The channel is going to focus on all things Linux, starting with the hardware I'm using.

Taking Into Account, Ep. 43 - Huawei, South Korea, Firefox, GitHub Sponsors, Manjaro, Antergos

@distrotube You mentioned on your latest livestream that we need less distros based on arch and ubuntu because we gave too mant of then. There you go, one less arch based distro.

Distro Roundup (May 20, 2019) - OpenIndiana, OpenMandriva, ArcoLinux, Peppermint, RoboLinux

Taking Into Account, Ep. 42 - BTW Arch WSL, Contributing to FOSS, Zombieload, Indian Schools, Bing

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