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@Jared No, I would need some non-free software occasionally for some of what I do, so there is no point in me using one of the FSF distros.

@BrodieOnYoutube @karl I'm waiting to see how well it works for others before I start doing LBRY first. But if it seems like it works, I will definitely switch over to posting to LBRY first and letting it sync to YouTube.

@karl Not currently uploading to LBRY myself. It's synced to my YouTube channel but sometimes it takes hours or even days before it posts to LBRY. So it's not really possible for me to post a link to LBRY since it doesn't exist yet.

@popey @Wimpy Unfortunately, this game will not launch on Arco. I tried the snap, the standard AUR package, and the git AUR package. All segfault upon launching. Reading the comments about it on the AUR site, it's been like this for some time.

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