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@BrodieOnYoutube Lucky for you I have videos planned for the next few days. They don't involve LBRY. 😎 😜

I'm sorry about the unprofessional-ism. I should have made this before the patron livestream. Hopefully this setup won't causing a echo, ( I will get some headphones as well)

This took 45 minutes for construction :D. I do mainly local computer repair for income, so $30 was a bit more then I make hourly.

Also its a recorded editing demo for my ncurses editor, but that video is still in editing. Have a good one and peace :D

@montdor @Tiedemann @Linux4Everyone

Thank you, all. It was fun writing the CoC. All you need is a text editor and nice beverage.

@gcrkrause Saying one group's complaints are more important than another's is problematic, to say the least. The GNOME team should (and probably will) reword that section.

@toxision I know that 99% of the people that watch these videos aren't using qtile, but these kinds of videos are valuable for people to see "how" you go about configuring something. You see that it's all about just going to the documentation and reading. I think too many people assume that this stuff is harder than it actually is.

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