Wow. This was one of the most informative videos I have seen in a long time! Well done, @distrotube. 👍

Even though I'm using vim for quite some time, now, I still learned about several new things here. 🙂

@cinnabarowl @distrotube Right the :ab thing is gonna be a life changer for me haha

@distrotube very interesting. I use vim (now neovim) for 20 years now, professionally, with my custom configuration. Each time I try something else, even for a while, #vim miss me.

@distrotube stopped watching partway, the features being heralded as awesome are normal in good editors.

@LovesTha @distrotube
Really‽ Recording a command and applying it to several lines with just a few key strokes is something notepad, vs code (or whatever you call a _good_ editor) can do?

You should have watched it to the end, because the mind blowing stuff came in the latter half!

@cinnabarowl @distrotube starting with common stuff is a bad way to present unique features

@distrotube Yes. And #Emacs costs you the rest of your life, exploring the manifold possibilities it can support your digital life.
(Please do learn #vim as well as #emacs!)

@publicvoit @distrotube Well, I've tried using @emacs, I really want to love it, but it usually always takes at maximum a month or so and I've slipped back into just using #vim for everything.

@sotolf @distrotube There is no mandatory "or". I'm using vim and emacs on a daily basis. Use both!

However, you can't use vim for spreadsheet calculations, project management, advanced contact management, literate programming, and so forth. vim is just an editor. Emacs is a platform.

Therefore, "vim vs. Emacs" is more like "Word vs. Windows". 😉

@publicvoit @sotolf @distrotube Yeah, I use doom emacs so i can get the best of both worlds, also because the vanilla emac keybindings make me sick lol

@koreymoffett @publicvoit @distrotube it doesn't get the best things if vim, the snappy and litheness of boom is not in Doom Emacs..

@sotolf @publicvoit @distrotube@mastodon.technolog
It's pretty snappy for me, but i still use both. Also what use mostly use a text editor for and what i mostly use a text editor for are probably pretty different.

@koreymoffett @publicvoit compared to vim? I honestly doubt that, compared to something like vs-code, sure then it's a speed monster.

@sotolf @publicvoit
Didn't claim it was as snappy as vim, just said it's pretty snappy for me.

@sotolf @publicvoit
I doesn't matter at all though, if you like vim use it. I like doom emacs, it does what i want it to do and works well for my use case. I still use vim from time to time as well so i understand why you like vim.

@koreymoffett @publicvoit yeah, not trying to say Emacs is bad in any way, it's great for a lot of things, and it can do a lot of things that vim can't, and as I said I want to love Emacs ;)

@publicvoit @distrotube Yeah, I guess most of the things that emacs does better are things that I very rarely need :p But I have it installed and ready in case I get the need for it ;)

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