@distrotube new to Linux, dual booting manjaro with gnome. Is this something I can get with pacman?

@edboy Well, yes you could get XMonad from pacman. But....it won't be configured at all. It will just be a black screen (hint: alt-shift-enter brings up a terminal; and alt-shift-q quits our of XMonad). You mention that you are new to Linux. XMonad is a bit tough to jump into. You have to write a config file. And it uses the Haskell programming language. That said, you can't really break anything by installing it and trying it out. GNOME will still be there to login to as well.

@edboy You can't break anything installing window managers and trying them out. It doesn't remove the other DEs/WMs that you have installed.

@edboy By the way, since you are on an Arch-based distro...maybe consider trying out Arco Linux's Xmonad edition. Check it out in a virtual machine and see how you like it.


First of all: Thanks for all the great videos!

And I surely would not complain if you also included #LBRY links in the #Mastodon announcements. I try to shun the one place more and use the other place more anyway. That might be the same for some other fellow Mastodontonians (or whatever we are called).

@FoloGnorri I don't post directly to LBRY. It's synced from YouTube so there is no LBRY link when I post here unfortunately. But LBRY syncs my vids pretty quickly, usually it's up in less than an hour after YouTube.

@distrotube Well, that pretty much sells it! 👏
I've been following you on YouTube very recently and always wondered about your WM without really wanting to put the effort into knowing about it. But that video kinda changes the deal.

I have been using Gnome for years mostly using keyboard and maximised windows. The only tiling WM I've fiddled with is awesome.
Your video makes me want to try XMonad but let's be honest here: how hard was it to set it up and customise it to what you actually show?

@bilbu How hard was it to customize? Well, I started working on this config about a decade ago, and I tried to learn a little Haskell along the way. The good thing is that you don't necessarily have to do this. You could just use someone else's configs. I have my configs on my GitLab.

@distrotube You mean this gitlab.com/dwt1/dotfiles/-/tre ?

That reminds me of my own GitHub repo for config files (github.com/bilbu/conf).

It does indeed take ages to fine tune any workspace environment. But the end justifies the means. 🧔

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