Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 11 - High Priority FSF, Linux Ransomware, Best Distros 2020, Gimp, NCoC

@distrotube Hey DT can you put your podcast episodes on some podcast site that has RSS and links to plain mp3/ogg embedded in RSS articles? All the places UF is currently hosted on (Spotify, buzzsprout etc) require opening a web browser and listening there, I didn't even find one with download links.

@arshin Not sure what you need but does the RSS links in the show description not work for you?

@distrotube Thanks, that works, don't know how I missed it :)
Just needs a little scripting to turn 'https://buzz.../ep.mp3?blob_id=291032' into 'https://buzz.../ep.mp3' for curl -O consumption, but that's easy.

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