"Hey, DT. Does Emacs Violate Unix Philosophy?" (And Other Questions)

Hello DT,
I use a cheap 200$ phone that I bought in 2017. I still use it and yes aftermarket screen cracks easily but original screen lasted more than a year. It survived even the falls from upper deck of double decker bed.
But later it broke to fall from my lap (~60cm or 2') 😁

I ran Lineage OS before and Havoc OS now on my phone. Recent drops actually broke front speaker and headphone jack's mic connecting. But other stuff still work well after 3 years.


@distrotube I would argue that it does not matter if Emacs follows the Unix philosophy. Emacs is a hybrid of UNIX, Lisp influences and older time sharing operating systems, and these other influences are not to its detriment, but are exactly what make it distinctive and useful as an extensible software so many decades later.

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