@distrotube ooooh ok, I’m gonna watch this. I have a friend who is deep into emacs hah. I mostly just said “Escape Meta Alt Control Shift, lol”.

@shebang @distrotube emacs on most distros came with an .Xresources that gave it a really nice green background and color scheme.

Even though vim is used more, it's probably because it's used by admins to quickly edit files on a server; and it's significantly lighter as far as the package size.

emacs is a learning curve. I once tried to setup vim with all the right plugins and tools, learn all the shortcuts and was determined to use it as my IDE and .. gave up. It takes a lot of work.

@shebang @distrotube I have a workmate who uses emacs for everything. I used it for a lot back in University. The auto-bracing in C++ is pretty nice for finding mistakes. It can be powerful, but I'm also pretty lazy. I'm sure if I learned it and wrote more scheme, it would speed up my development. But it just doesn't seem worth the learning curve.

@distrotube @shebang because you must serve an arduous penance to use it.

as someone who remembers when i hated emacs, i found the key commands to be abjectly horrible. they are so bad they literally broke RMS' fingers and he had to spend a year+ not typing. emacs pinky is known across the world.

on the other hand once you understand it as a lisp machine that happens to edit text, it becomes :blobcatrainbow:

but as a know-nothing i did not know emacs-lisp and i did not know the finger breaking keys that had nonsense mneumonics (C-x C-s is save? wtf is this? i save all the time so why is it buried behind multiple keystrokes???) and people just told me "well fix it yourself" and this was very :blobfoxdisapprove:

of course.. now we have spacemacs and doom. we didn't when i had to learn all this stuff though.

@distrotube yeah popularity isn't its own end but here's the thing.

It's about vibrancy of the ecosystem. Popularity begets more development. More development means more new 'apps' and tools get built on emacs.

When this quality gets ignored for too long, eventually VS Code gets all the cool features while emacs get none. And then more people move away from emacs and the downward spiral starts.

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