@distrotube I need several guns? I will never need any gun. Why would you want me to be shot by a gun?

@distrotube being on the left (leftist, not liberal), I couldn’t agree with you more. Guns are a necessary tool for protection against tyranny and assault. I’m surprised recent times haven’t turned the liberals around on this issue, when government tyranny is rearing its ugly head this hard. Unmarked vans full of federal agents are pulling people off the street with no warrant and all. I think there is interesting discussion to be had, and I would be happy to talk about it.

@distrotube Strawman arguments. Vast majority of gun control advocates support "gun rights" whatever you think that tenuous term means, (disregarding gun rights can include a right to not be surrounded by gun toting racists) & don't want a complete elimination of guns; they want gun control policies that require owners of deadly weapons to be tested and registered, just like drivers, fishers, hunters, motorcyclists, HGV drivers, pilots, etc. You're making a lot of bad assumptions about people.

Don't agree with you on this. Let's get Mastodon as example. Yes, it's used by far right movements and other "bad people". But it wasn't build for that intent. That's not it's goal and the developer add moderation tools so that users and admins can limit the use and reach on the platform of such people. Guns on the other way are built with the only intent to cause harm and kill. If you aren't a law enforcer or military you shouldn't need a gun to defend yourself.

@emanuel @distrotube Have you considered that law enforcement and military might sometimes be the people you must defend against?

@spocino @distrotube
Nope. Seems I'm lucky to live in a country where law enforcement and military are well trained and have strick rules on using force and gun power (for example, they've to report and justify each time they fire a weapon). We have no reason to see them as a thread.

@emanuel @distrotube you’re lucky to have this privilege. As a US citizen, I get to have a cold sweat as federal unmarked vans kidnap innocent people off the streets.

@spocino @distrotube
Honestly, I feel for you, but I don't think the answer is the liberalization of guns. On the contrary, you must pursuit laws that strick its possession and use, even by law enforcements and military. More arms will only bring more innocent deads.

Maybe I'm being tricked by the news that reach me in Europe, but I fear that the US are on the verge of a civil war. Much because there are too many weapons on the hands of people.

@emanuel @distrotube I agree that the US is on the cusp of a conflict, but I believe it to be due to a general dissatisfaction with government and law enforcement going back to the 60s. People have realized that the government and the law enforcement are corrupt and only serve to protect the property of the wealthy lobbyist class, people be damned.

@spocino @distrotube
More important to the matter of this video. I found the comparison between support of free software and guns rights absurd.

@emanuel @distrotube I agree that the comparison between gun rights and free software is absurd. This is just Derek platforming his politics on his most successful outlet. I think the most apt comparison to make would be “if you support free software as a means of software production, you should support syndicate worker cooperatives as a means of commodity production”, since those share the same ethos.

@distrotube I like your videos but this is a really dumb video man

>communist state that doesn't let you carry guns (paraphrase)
>freedom hating communist state
Communists are some of the most pro-gun people you'll ever meet. You also conflated liberals with leftists. I'd suggest reading some literature on some of the various leftists viewpoints. You might find you have more in common with some than you thought :)

Nobody ever walked into a primary school and killed a bunch of kids with free software.

Just saying….

@distrotube One has nothing to do with the other. I disagree.

@distrotube OK. First I thought that the title was just a joke and a clickbait. But after watching the video, I have to say: I don't agree with you in any way and I am going to unsubscribe and boycott you.

Yepp, I cannot support that and as unfortunate as it is, have unsubscribed from the YT channel 😒

@distrotube Well that was a dive off the deep end. Watching all those firearms appear was more than a little surreal.

@distrotube As a canadian, I am equally puzzled and terrified. I also believe in the "Live and let live" motto, so you do you.

@distrotube This analogy between gun rights and FOSS seems odd, given that guns are proprietary.

If you make a computer-game representation of a gun, you have to pay the proprieter, and have to obey their demands.

If you want a FOSS-style weapon, try molotov cocktails, but do try to avoid killing any of the anti-fascit protesters who are on your lawn.

@malin where do 3d printed guns fall in this perspect?

@nergal Same as Warharmmer figurines, or any other design - standard copyright applies.
Immitation ist verboten.

@malin hence, the argument that the very religious elder folk always beat into our heads: "you pay the devil his due by pondering his thoughts" or something like that... there is no kindness in capitalism. only exploitation.

@nergal I've never really known what 'capitalism' is, but I can read copyright law. I find best results when I focus on things I can see.

@malin i find it hard to understand too. it is not capitalism that is bad {reorganizing thoughts}. it is how people capitalizing on human resources squander those resources because humans are infinitely renewable.

hence, why all the fuss on a particular weapon design. it is a trademark without that the owners would be also disposable like common men.

@distrotube I'm sorry DT, I'm usually one to agree with your antics, but I don't think one can equate access to firearms and free software. Uncle Bob is right, when he says software can kill, but accessible firearm laws give far too many people, that shouldn't have access to firearms. If there's more guns available, more people who shouldn't have them, will have them. It's not communist for governments to take away firearms for those without legitimate cause for owning one

@distrotube I'm living in one of those "freedom hating communist country's" and I don't need arm's to protect myself since my angry neighbor doesn't have arm's either.
And killing any living being just for your satisfaction is a bit sick.
I like you and your channel for your open source advocacy but please keep that urge to promote guns away. Just create another chanel and don't spoil this one we all love.

Linux fan and free citizen of lovely guns free country Slovenia, Sebastjan. PEACE

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