The Pinebook Pro Is The Affordable Linux Laptop We've Been Waiting For

@distrotube Awesome, I am a thinkpenguin user but good to have the budget option

@distrotube It's a really neat €200 laptop. Pine deserve the attention they're getting, especially with their pinephone lineup, they're doing something different and I like it

@distrotube It's hard to complain too much about something that is $200, that said it's odd to recommend when people are already reporting stuttering when just playing 720p YouTube. I'd imaging if you're just trying to write documents in something like VIM or LibreOffice for school or work, its a pretty nice sell.

@ohSnapDude @distrotube For some people I'd imagine the laptop really hits the mark, but I don't see it even being an option for most people with bad 720p YouTube playback, I've heard some people are already having really really high temperatures, etc.. It could be better if you flashed ALARM (Arch Linux for ARM) to it, but that again puts it further out of the reach of general consumers.

@ThreeBadgersInATrenchcoat @distrotube I mean... you could play YouTube videos on VLC? I have an old laptop that doesn’t not play youtube well because YouTube is a javascript application, but the same videos fly when using VLC because there’s no parsing overhead (just raw c/c++)

PbPro requires closed binary blobs (at least for eDP and Wifi) and firmware is not FOSS, you can find this confirmed on pine64 forums. If you want a truly open Linux laptop look at MNT Reform

@distrotube Looks like a cool little thing. Only scared by their webpage announces 1-3 dead pixels as being normal?! Ok, 200$, but what, I wouldn't stand any single dead pixel. Maybe the four corner pixels but anything else would drive me crazy when seeing it all day long ;-)

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