@distrotube I would be interested to hear LF's arguments for this. We could probably get a statement from them if community asked the question enough times. Maybe you could encourage the community to do so.

@distrotube I would like to know why they're not using Linux for the reports.

@distrotube I've just downloaded the document and noticed that they've removed the metadata on there to hide that they used Adobe and Mac.

Come on, the one "oRgAnIzAtIoN" you'd expect to use GNU/Linux would be the Linux Foundation, the foundation who is Linux's most famous sponsor. This is just bs!

@0 The one in the video ofc :blobfacepalm:

2020 Linux Kernel History Report


Ok, so you assume that everybody has access to that video.


@liamolua @distrotube hm, I thought the Linux Foundation was widely known to be a group of "industry partners", founded long after Linux was widely established.

Most of the early corporate sponsors of Linux are now bankrupt or were bought out.

@distrotube this is ghastly indeed! I might pop them an email as well.

@distrotube I mean I don't think its really a surprise to anyone that a "foundation" funded almost entirely by the world's largest tech giants and tracking companies doesn't necessarily care about Linux, privacy, free software, open software, or anything else of the like. I think that has been essentially common knowledge for a long time now and I don't see likely <100 people who actually email in changing any of that.

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