Unfettered Freedom, Ep. 4 - Google and FOSS, Patent Trolls, Linux FUD, Firefox, Arch Linux

@distrotube Sounds like Mycroft and others would be better based in a different country.

Of course if that becomes normal, there could be a *lot* of startups fleeing the US.

@distrotube talking about installing gnu/linux to learn linux. I was having a look at LFS. I am quite intrigued. Have you ever considered having a play with it? Not on the channel like, that'd take several videos, but for you personally. I know your opinion on going through the Gentoo install so the answer is probably no. Just out of curiosity :)

@distrotube Really enjoying these, thanks. I was around for the first round of browser wars, and here we go again. This time, much more is at stake, no matter what OS you run.

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