@distrotube Hey, DT. Would be great to also have the link to the lbry video :)
Great content btw.

@jannis_vll @distrotube I second this, list all of the places your video is uploaded in the post

@LinuxLounge @jannis_vll

I don't list the LBRY links when I post here because the LBRY links don't exist when I post. I don't upload to LBRY myself, instead I use their syncing service. The LBRY video can appear within minutes of me uploading to YouTube, or hours later (sometimes days later in rare cases).

@distrotube @jannis_vll I can see what you mean, it's getting better and most of my videos now appear within minutes, but the odd video or two will appear hours or days later, my solution is to post the LBRY link initially on the off chance that it's ready or post it on it's own if not

@Manjaro_btw @distrotube It's based on Chromium, the open source browser Chrome is based on.

@distrotube Tor is also a great browser based Firefox, unlike Brave which is based on Chromium

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