@distrotube you have a fancy video frame composition in that video. :) Way to make the "talking head" more interesting.

@distrotube I made an in-depth introduction to git a couple months back. I tried to talk about the underlying structures and strategies a bit more than most technical how-tos so new users would understand things in a deeper way.


@distrotube Have you checked out Chezmoi yet? Really nice way to store all of your configuration files.


@distrotube I have a github repo for my dotfiles and use rcm to manage them on my system, great tool, can recommend. github.com/thoughtbot/rcm

Is this "backup" or more config file source control and management?

I use a combination of gitlab and puppet for my config files.

@distrotube why did you choose gitlab over other services like github for example ?

@bruno_robert GitHub is owned by Microsoft and much of GitHub is closed source. GitLab makes a great product and is open source!

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