You have to package your custom packages using guix. A good place to start is here

Also you can use flatpak (to install discord or Firefox) on guix just make sure you use --user flag.


Also I'm on the doom-emacs discord and a lot of us are guix happy guix users if you don't feel like hitting up the irc channel or mailing list.

I as till don't see the first video on @lbry maybe you need to start manually uploading there.

@yisraeldov @lbry LBRY's YouTube sync feature has been broken for about a week (for everyone on the LBRY platform), so I've actually uploaded the last three videos to LBRY myself. They are there, I assure you. ;)

@distrotube @yisraeldov bitchute was suppose to sync videos 2 but that never happened for me .
i wonder if :youtube: is deliberately sabotaging it somehow .

they might have to use something like youtube-dl which seems to work pretty well.

I'll have to check again, I recently started using guix for package manager and am debating on going full #guix

@distrotube If you want a more "traditional" edit-compile cycle for suckless programs, without having to write package definitions for them, check this out: brown.121407.xyz/posts/2020-07

@distrotube I think your issue with WMs not showing up was because you installed them as a regular user and not for the whole system. That is one of the cool things about guix is that each user can have different packages installed or even different versions of the same package. And you can switch versions on the fly.

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