@distrotube february 18, 2021??? what is that about?

is that a book from "we the web" in the background?

@distrotube liking the moustache and beard. makes you look younger.

@distrotube Hi DT, i look forward to see this one in LBRY too... it isn't available yet 😑 you're doing an awsome job by the way! Peace!

@ojorge @distrotube i can post it here i think , then you'd be able to watch it directly .

i use ublock to block the youtube video player and then download best video+best audio and combined it to an mkv using youtube-dl

then i just play it with mpv.
@ojorge @distrotube it takes a little longer till i can watch a video this way because i download the entire video first but
eh i can watch it in high quality without it stopping every 2 seconds to buffer and no ads 😆
@distrotube this censorship isn't new.
i have been pushing the importance to get off of Facebook and twitter for a while now.

I've even gone as far to put down a date which i will personally be leaving these platforms .
on the first of September i will be deleting my Facebook and my twitter accounts and will be on here full time after that point.
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