Any advantages over #xwinwrap? (For example, does it work with #Wayland?)

I rarely use #videos as #wallpaper nowadays. They make it difficult to set the right transparency for program windows and the readability of my #conky system information becomes a sheer game of chance with a video as wallpaper.

I'll provide an example commandline in next tooot.


> xwinwrap -ni -o 1 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet -nosound /path_to/video_of_choice.mp4

-ni = ignore input
-o 1 = opacity 1 ("-o 0.2" means 20%)
-fs = full screen
-s = sticky
-st = skip taskbar
-sp = skip Alt-Tab pager
-b = below windows
-nf = no focus

- quiet = no error messages
- nosound
- loop 4 = repeat 4x ; 0 is infinite
-wid WID = mplayer connects itself to window WID (without mplayer runs in own window)

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