Why Desktop Environment Users Don't Understand Tiling Window Managers

@distrotube i remember you making a video at one point about configuring them , i just forget what the title was called XD .

would be nice if i could switch from master+stack to a style where all the windows are equally divided on the screen.

1 window (full screen like normal)
2 windows (side by side)
3 windows (2 on top, 1 taking up the entire bottom)
4 windows (1 window per corner)
5 windows (with the 4 windows 'corner windows' on top of the new window which takes up the entire bottom).
6 windows (organized like the dots on the 6th side of dice)
and so on....

That is simple. TilingWMs aim for efficiency. You know what else is efficient, terminal. That is why tilingWM users make heavy use of terminal. And woila, every riced tilingWM looks the same.

That is not a bad thing though. Every windows installation looks the same and people still get job done.

As an ex-i3wm user I say that "To much ricing and not much working is a serious condition". I don't hate tilingWMs. I don't think they aren't for everyone.

@distrotube I think one of the biggest problems of tiling wms is that you need some kind of backup of you configuration, so you never have to start from zero again. Otherwise the time investment to keep it up and running as workstation (browsing, working, streaming, gaming) is just too high for most users.

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