"Why YouTubers Steal Each Others Content." (And Other Questions Answered)

@distrotube there was once a discussion on a variation of the millions of typing monkeys in a room. the conclusion was have a few hundred people having to write about a random topic, independent of each other -- no collaboration -- coincidentally results in a large portion of that sample writing on the same topics. it happens in universities all the time.

@distrotube did you say pico was a step up from nano? what do you mean? just looked at the manual page. nano was made after pico. i recall pico being incompatible with some codepages since utf8 became popular. don't recall it being easier.

@distrotube my bad. my sound was distorted. you said "micro"

@distrotube interesting! never did seek a successor to nano. thanks! was looking at kakoune at one point. have you seen that one?

@distrotube kakoune seems to be going well at being more efficient vim compared to how mg attempted to be lighter emacs.

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