@distrotube I see the point you're making, but you're only taking into consideration one aspect of the suckless philosophy, and a minor one too. For instance, keeping the codebase tiny and simple makes grokking the program much easier; then you don't need *any* configuration, because you can easily change the source yourself. This is why I must disagree on "xmonad is a better suckless wm" - it's far from being suckless at all. Fully expecting a rebuttal like this from Luke ;)

I don't quite get all the hype about WMs. As you said in one of your videos (qtile, I believe), a WM has a very limited list of things to do. Therefore, the visible differences are pretty small. Ok, they a written in different languages and configured differently. But on the desktop, most tilers (can) feel pretty much the same.

Make a video about tilers and show some stuff that can be done with A but not B. Pannels don't count! 🙂 Show something relevant to work.

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