If there just was a TechOverTea episode...
Brodie and DT talking about CLI tools, Mastodon, LBRY, video production...
could watch this for hours....

@JoachimM @distrotube As awesome as that would be, I feel like I'd just be leeching off of DT

@BrodieOnYoutube @distrotube
Hey Derek, what is your opinion on this?
Yes, I know as a Windowz-User you are probably not that interested in those things I mentioned 😁 ...
I'm using Windows too, just a few mins ago I had to close one, it was getting way too cold in here.
And actually I'm using Arco 😜


@JoachimM @BrodieOnYoutube I'm always up for a collab. I don't mind doing something on Brodie's channel, or he can appear on mine. Collabs on my channel have always been a rare thing because of my irregular work schedule, but now with the quarantine, I have a lot more free time on my hands. 😎 🐧

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Well Bro(die), no excuses left I guess :thinkerguns:
You guys are awesome, learned a lot through watching your videos, keep it rockin' !

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