> "When you're starting to see your video served up by default [...]"

Are you talking to video creaters oder consumers?

@d599f84e This is for consumers. Creators can upload in HD, but when someone watches that video, YT will default them to 480p.


Ah, I thought there was some analytic measure provided by google where a creator could see in what resolution their videos are being watched.
Which I hardly would be able to actually believe.


TBH I'd be happy to have this happen more with or without the corona virus, a lot of videos really don't need to be at least anything more than 720p, particurarly when people just watch stuff on their phone or in the background anyway.

Although I do appreciate the superb quality things are in your videos for example.

@christoffer @distrotube Resolution on YouTube doesn't really just mean resolution, the bitrate is also cranked way down as you lower the resolution.

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