@zaivala Because I don't upload to LBRY, it just syncs from my YouTube. I have no idea when LBRY will have this video so I can't post a link.

Maybe eventually, I can upload to LBRY first and sync back to YouTube, once that feature is live.

@distrotube and the answer is... 3 hours ago, and you already have 6 views.

@zaivala 3 hours ago is the time I posted it to YouTube. It's one of the little quirks in LBRY.

@distrotube I'm learning that, as I'm trying to get my music videos posted (well, videos of me playing music, not exactly the same thing).

@distrotube I hope it gets released in another package format soon.

I don't have the Flatpak infrastructure on my machine, so am not sure, yet, about downloading it just for this one app.

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