@distrotube fully wrong, sorry. We only hate Ubuntu due to bad community advises, lack of reacting to bug entries (6 years before they pick up an entry) and an experience in people starting with ubuntu who get very dissapointed.

It isn't user friendly. Ok, maybe from a windows user perspective.

@distrotube Hmm, you simply state ubuntu people are those that hate you? πŸ™‚

Thank you for some insight. Seen some vids of you and I am sorry to state but I will not recommend it.

@distrotube So wait, if your searches are being sent to Amazon and people call it spyware then that is someting not to worry about? So you do not mind having a webcam above your bed to see what you are doing in your bedroom or on the kitchen table? You have nothing to hide?

I hope some people will think about your vids and opinions and decide to look a bit further for information. People should somehow be protected from people spreading nonsense

@distrotube tbh I grew to dislike it for the fact that it just got so bloated. I hear now it’s not but yeah, it was just not what you need when you had older hardware.

I use Ubuntu mate with i3, cause I need to get work done. It seems to me the fastest way to get from 0 to a working Linux box that I can be productive on. That being said, I am debating going back to vanilla Debian for the rolling release.

@distrotube hey thanks for the highlight in the comment section for the video on youtube i'm Preshyon Gaming

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