@distrotube I really liked what #Joplin could do when I was exploring it. But I had issues with sync performance after importing my extensive Evernote library of notes & web page captures. Since it used to store notes as individual markdown files & I had 3000+ exported notes, syncing with pCloud became a very slow & unusable setup for me.

I found #Emacs & #orgmode for my note taking.

I think starting from scratch & building a Joplin note library would be fine.

The CLI client looks cool.


"If you are a terminal type of guy you are probably used to vim keybindings" 😡 What kind of nonsense is this?! Bash doesn't use vim key bindings.

@distrotube Ugg, stop saying that #emacs is a gui editor. Emacs has a gui but it is also a command-line based editor `emacs -nw` will force it to open in the command line.

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