@distrotube I remember when I started in the GNU/Linux and FOSS world, and once some friends knew, for some reason, they expected me to be a gamer. I was never one, and I felt a bit awkward when I told them that I wasn't. I can't imagine the experience of a YouTuber dedicating a channel to FOSS, receiving all sorts of strange requests and getting annoyed when he or she doesn't fulfill their expectations.

@distrotube Good video DT, I have also noticed the ignorance around Mastodon and what federated networks are all about. Once people understand the difference they'll hopefully appreciate the benefits of such networks.

@distrotube Ever since I subscribed to you, I have joined both LBRY and now Mastodon too. Thanks for raising awareness about FOSS solutions.

@distrotube Love your videos, your explanation of Mastodon was awesome!

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