@distrotube these people asking the questions are stifling Linux kernel health and progress.

Prove what they say is wrong.

All of those inquisitors are entitled bothers. They are just like those educated fools that think they know best and sabotage any new ideas without discussion.

I don't see anyone denouncing the evils of proprietary like they do these 2.

Open source is a farce.

"It is not what goes into a man that defiles him. "

@distrotube Each time I feel like I'm not a good people person I watch R. Stallman.


Well, he has Asperger so it's understandable the way he behaves in public.
I'm not saying I approve that, but that is the way all autistic people behave.

@Siucraym very unsurprising too. I don't appreciate his response but at the same time if he was a vegan activist I can imagine he would make the vegan diet look pretty unconvincing health-wise.

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