@distrotube Loved the video. Your videos helped me a ton with getting back into Linux. The fact that I am even on Mastodon is thanks to you. You've inspired me to try to help others in my own way. Keep up the hard work!

@distrotube after watching the vid, will use Arco's version first, before I think of going vanilla.

@distrotube neat! I'd used chunkwm on MacOS for work and it was modeled after bspwm, so I've held a similar impression to yours with bspwm.

Going to miss your series on window managers! Wish you could have snuck in ratpoison since it seems to be one of the oldest (circa 2000) and what I used ~10 years ago, but definitely understand the desire to stick with something - probably qtile!

Have you thought about doing a retrospective on the different window managers and providing a personal ranking of them?

@chipsenkbeil Comparing the various tiling managers is something I plan to do once I'm done with bspwm.

@distrotube So are you going back to Openbox? Also, any chance of a video about windowmaker. 😀

@GNU_Ninja Might do more stuff with Openbox at some point. Windowmaker? I don't know. Maybe.

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