@distrotube having proprietary software is not bad, I mean, everybody loved deli because they pre-install steam. If you don't want some software pre-installed, go ahead, install arch or Debian. Actually, both debian and arch have proprietary software in their repos and no one (just the FSF) gets upset.

Those are some fair points. I prefer things be as foss as possible but understand in some cases there are no viable alternatives.

However with office software, libreoffice is viable so I would rather encourage people use that and make something like freeoffice OPT-IN. People that seek refuge in linux do so mostly to try to get away from proprietary software as much as possible.

@juacq97 @distrotube
"Shoved down our throats" huh? This is a complete overreaction. Many distros have included proprietary software for some time, I'm not sure what the big deal is here.

It is not being shoved down your throat. If you don't like it, don't use it. You can still switch to LibreOffice.

But proprietary software is optional on Debian and requires a different image to come bundled with

@distrotube pity, I was thinking of trying manjaro, but seems like I won't.
Thankfully theres enough other completely free operating systems, but it's always sad to see them choose convenience over freedom :(

@distrotube At least they came to there senses and are providing a choice on install now. Still leaves a bad taste though.

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