The snowflake community seems to have invaded almost everything at this point. Funny how hypocritical they are.

As for Linux Mint, I personally prefer it over regular Ubuntu but I don't disagree with the article or your points. I think Linux in general could benefit from less duplication of effort and more collaboration.

I feel like this is a problem only with Linux Mint. People hate, truly hate, on other distros a lot more and nobody says anything.

I think that people are so invested in this topic because Linux Mint might really go away in the future due to its lack of uniqueness.

It could just be the next Ubuntu flavour, like Ubuntu Cinnamon or something.

@distrotube I have watched this and absolutely do not get how are Linux Mint fanboys related to safe spaces or political correctness. Throwing shades is valid, but this looks like either the uninformed presentation or deliberate move to generate some clicks.

@distrotube 😆 What do you do when your video alienates a lot of people in the community? Lean into it hard and piss them off even more. I love it.

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