@distrotube It would be cool to see your videos on peertube or d.tube.

@KatGoesWoof Peertube isn't an option. I have a ton of video. Who's going to pay for the storage with a Peertube instance? You'd go bankrupt storing all of my video.

D.tube? Honestly, haven't looked into it.

@distrotube d.tube is based on steem, an block chain for monetizing social applications.

On peertube: open.tube claims unlimited storage and sikke.fi offers 50 GB.

@KatGoesWoof I have made over 1TB worth of videos already. In about 18 months. 50GB is not going to do much for me.

@distrotube I still want to see someone do a hard rock/metal cover of this. Hat's off to you. It takes a lot to put yourself out there like that.

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