@distrotube nice video! you may enjoy my gopher phlog aggregator over at gopher://gopher.black/1/moku-p

I've got over 100 active gopher phloggers in the list and there's always something interesting. My stuff is on gopher.black

@distrotube I agree that the Web is a dumpster fire and #Gopher is cool, BUT does Gopher offer any advantages over creating and frequenting parsimonious (mainly text, minimum necessary graphics and JS, few well-behaved ads) Web pages? It seems to me that a virtual network of lean HTML pages within the WWW would accomplish the same thing with lower barriers to entry/learning curve and greater flexibility than Gopher.

@papa Yea, minimal web design could solve these issues. Static pages without all the unnecessary baggage.

@distrotube Cheers for Gopher! That was the first networking protocol I used back in college, circa 1993. Fond memories of Gopher. Then, NCSA Mosaic on an X terminal. Wheee... now that’s a blast from the past!

@distrotube But it's a youtube link!

Your gopher video isn't available on your gopher server?

@ajroach42 Watching video on gopher just ain't happening. We are stuck with http for that. I can add a http link to where the video is on the web. When you click that link in FF or Chrome it would play in the browser. In lynx (no GUI), it would ask you if you want to download the video.

@distrotube Sure, but you can make the link to the video file a gopher link if the file lives on the same server.

For example: gopher://ofmanytrades.com:70/Movies
or ofmanytrades.com:70/Movies/
is a folder of movies.

I'm using pygopherd's web proxy so you can access the gopher files over http or gopher.

But if you're using a gopher browser such as forg, I think, you can download the file via gopher, and then have it automatically open in the video player of your choice.

@distrotube I'm going to double check that this actually works the way I expect it to. I thought I had it working before, but Forg just keeps crashing now so maybe I was using a different browser?

I'll fiddle with it in a minute.

@ajroach42 I'm not hosting this video or any others on that gopher server. I do store all of my videos on Amazon s3 and am linking to them on my gopher page (My Video Archive). Seems to work fine.

@distrotube Oh sure, it's fully functional and appreciated!

I know there are several folks around these parts who are working on modern gopher clients, and most of them will at least have rudimentary http support or the ability to shell out to wget to fetch things like videos when they're only available via HTTP or FTP.

I'm glad to see more folks embracing light weight protocols.

@distrotube @ajroach42 I think asking you to download a video / have it play in your default player is more in line with the UNIX philosophy anyway. I'd like that way of doing things.


I just meant that I'd prefer to download it over the Gopher protocol, rather than to have to use one external program to download the file and another to play it back.

But there aren't any (graphical) Gopher clients that I can find that support downloading files and piping them directly in to other processes at the moment, so I don't guess it matters.

@ajroach42 @distrotube @dwc

I'd rather download the video as well. Streaming sucks. It wastes bandwidth for repeated views and on shitty connections you end waiting for the buffer.

@distrotube It's a shame that nobody is maintaining the original University of Minnesota Gopher client. That's would be the most authentic Gopher experience! I remember browsing through to Archie servers to search for cool shareware downloads on FTP, or searching for Gopher documents on Veronica servers. No need for Google if you have Archie and Veronica (and WAIS too).

@distrotube Brings back memories :) . Intalled lynx and overbiteWX and visited your site. Awesome! Also I actually remember using a Tornado modem 128k it was I think..) to dail in to connect to some university reading various papers and such. That was pre websites I believe.

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