@distrotube I bet he is!
Everyone is a fan of FLOSS!

Who doesn't like Free-less Open Source Software? *wink*

@distrotube Yes I know I ruined the teeth flossing joke. Still find the photo funny :D

@russsaidwords @distrotube Thanks for clearing my Ignorance!

Too bad I don't want to delete my ignorant comment for history conservation.

@yimo @distrotube Learning is hard. That's why it's always a noble thing to allow it to be a shared experience. You're saving someone else the pain of learning in public.

Also, Congratulations!
You're one of the lucky 10k: xkcd.com/1053/ 🙂 🍍

@russsaidwords @distrotube Very realistic comic :)
You're accidentally one of rest xD
I'm not from the US
It's far higher than 10k 😊
I still love that comic strip and Appreciate your comment!

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