@popey Twoi things strike me here. First, Steam play isn't anywhere near ready for prime time yet. And second, look at all those Arch users! 😜

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@distrotube It's totally ready for prime time, for the games that have been marked as working. For games that haven't been marked, that's why they're not marked :D. Yes, turns out people who want the bleeding edge drivers and maximum FPS and wish to contribute to a project like this, might run arch. Normal people might not.

@popey @distrotube I agree with Alan, it's ready for prime time. Hence why it was rolled into the Steam stable client!

Those Debian-based numbers give me warm fuzzies (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Elementary, etc)

@distrotube @popey
What is Arch? Never heard of it. Is that a Linux thingy? :awesome:

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