@distrotube I posted your video to a forum I help moderate - we have a thread going about decentralized software forum.textpattern.io/viewtopic

@distrotube you talked me into trying mastadon, and i3, which is interesting. It's struck me that you're uniquely well situated to provide some data for inxi, particularly in distro id, distro base id, and desktop/wm data. github.com/smxi/inxi Note that inxi is often massively out of date in repos, so you'd always want to use the git version for testing, and ideally, the inxi-perl version called pinx, which is the dev branch. Most tests are very easy to run using the built in debugger, think on it?

@distrotube the details on how to effectively do these types of tests are best handled via email, you can drop me a line here: smxi.org/site/contact.php for info on how to run these tests. The basics are super easy and take only a few seconds to do per test per system, but unfortunately each distro has different ways it uses to identify itself and its base, if applicable. Desktops/wm cross distro are more consistent and easier to ID. There's also an extra feature that tries to ID bars/docks etc.

@distrotube Thanks to this I decided to try Mastodon out. Feel so much better using it. 😎

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