Taking Into Account, Ep. 20 - Windows Privacy, IRS Migration, Adobe on Linux, MS Linux


Taking Into Account, Ep. 18 - Linux in 2019, Malware, Windows 10, YouTube, LibreHunt


Chat With Patrons (November 2018)

This live stream will be a special event for my Patreon supporters. This will be a Zoom video chat just for my patrons. The link to the video chat call will be posted on Patreon a few minutes prior to the stream.


Taking Into Account, Ep. 17 - Ubuntu, Unikernels, Patents, Unity Shell, Thanksgiving


Missed recording and publishing a new episode of Taking Into Account yesterday due to illness. So I'm going to do it today instead--LIVE!

Will go live in 30 minutes for those wanting to check it out: youtube.com/watch?v=lhQbxvAVcs

Taking Into Account, Ep. 13 - Linus is back, Snaps, Ubuntu stats, Microsoft patents, Arch Linux


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