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A must read to understand what #forge #federation is about and what is going to happen.

The "State of the #Forge #Federation: 2021 to 2023" report was published today on the @forgefriends blog. It contains a retrospective of what happened in the past year and explains what is likely to happen in the next twelve months.

and that's also *not* an invasion.

When people opt to come packed in non A/C tractor-trailers when temperature is at 39.4 °C, just imagine the place they are leaving from.

More control to migrant crossings is like putting out the fire with gasoline.

People need safe routes and integration policies.

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It's not an invasion, there is no "defence" against any enemy here. It is racial hatred against people whose only crime is that they are poor. Graphic content follows. 

New blog post: Two Years of Life with PinePhone

It has a weird title and is too long, but I still hope you will enjoy reading it!

We just released #postmarketOS v22.06 with the release name "The One Where We Started Using Release Titles"!

This release is the first one where we support between release upgrading, so no need to reinstall anymore with every new release. This is also the first release with support for the #SHIFT6mq and the Samsung Galaxy S3!

Read all about it at

Haymarket Square, 85 years before the Nativity of the "at least 40 hours per week" Elon Reeve Musk .

You may have a unique opportunity to hear to oral arguments in USA federal court on a key legal issue re: & the in our right-to-software-repair lawsuit against . Mark your calendar for this Friday 2022-05-13 at 17:30 UTC. Read more:

Call management 📞 and phone status reports 🔋 📶 with #Bluetooth HFP devices are coming to #linuxmobile :linux: 📱 through #ModemManager & #PulseAudio 🔊 on @postmarketOS !

Dialing numbers, accepting, rejecting, and hanging up calls are possible through any #Bluetooth HFP device so you drive safely while making a #handsfree call!

See the demo on @peertube:

Of course there's already an #upstream MR:

@PINE64 @purism @mobian @linmob @tuxdevices

The fediverse,
where people disagree
And fight
A lot; But,
They agree to disagree
And nomusk can buy
The fediverse

I got the chance to contribute a feature to an existing open source project as part of my uni studies during this semester. Ideally the project would be an end-user project, not a library, and not something that I'm already contributing to anyway.

Language-wise, C++, Rust or Haskell would be nice.

Do you know any projects that would fit?

My own idea are a bit too KDE-centric, but the point of this module is to contribute somewhere I'm not already part of.

"If crypto assets have comparable financial products it is that of indulgences, both are purely narrative-driven fundamental-less financial assets that can be created out of thin air and whose market value is purely a function of sign value and fealty to an ideology."

The Philosophical Argument Against Crypto

Decentralization is not the goal. The goal is information and communication services that respect human agency.

Open source is not the goal, the goal is building a commons of software that is free to study, inspect, and improve.

I feel like, as implementors, as people who spend our lives in the digital crawlspaces focused on the details; its easy to lose sight of the why behind the how. I think important to periodically step back and refocus on why we are doing things the way we are doing. What is the desired world state?

In times of crisis, people are vulnerable and tend to accept emergency measures that it would be quite difficult to adopt in different time periods.

On top of that, in these times, it is not easy to establish safeguards to control the impact of such measures.

We have already faced it after the 9/11 and over the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the , "Ukraine uses facial recognition software to identify Russian soldiers killed in combat".


Tools that work #Offline with #NoInternet (or limited Internet), a thread.

Start with @syncthing #Syncthing Share files among your devices or with your friends. Syncs across multiple hops, over local wifi, with or without Internet. 1/

Decentralization matters

“Ukraine has a diverse internet infrastructure with few choke points – which means it’s difficult to switch off the country and there’s no centralised kill switch,” said Alp Toker of the monitoring organisation NetBlocks.

Tell me that's not how the world works nowadays, it was just an exceptional case:

Yesterday I met a friend after long time no see. He said that he got informed of the Russian invasion in from the very first moment, after seeing one of the meme coins he has invested in plunged by 22%.

I suppose that the Linux mobile application ecosystem has a lot to gain by combining the popularity of and the capabilities of .

A detailed guide to creating, packaging and distributing applications with and :

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