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I have updated the expiration date of my encrypt/sign sub keys and published them accordingly. Every app that makes use of them seems OK, except Thunderbird. The OpenPGP Key Manager of Thunderbird still believes that my (sub) key is expired.

Any ideas?

On latest @postmarketOS edge with @plasmamobile
virtual keyboard does not prompt.

Workaround is to get access to a terminal session, either with ssh or TTYescape and add:


into /etc/xdg/kwinrc.

Thanks to @bshah

I understand that many projects have been locked in as a result of a choice made in the past.

However, it makes little sense to me to see new, interesting projects to opt for while there are less unethical code hosting platforms out there.

Tomorrow is #SaferInternetDay #SID2022. On this occasion, let's take a look at the EU plans to hazard all of our safety online by weakening secure #e2eencryption with the introduction of #chatcontrol👇 (1/11)

I think I know this, but does any store sell #DRM-free #epub files? I'm not talking about public domain books, I mean modern books that I can read in a #surveillance-free environment.

Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans’ data on US servers

Cue stories on how "hard" it is to build "a global service" in "changing and diverse regulatory environment" 😉

If you see that kind of reporting, please remember: it is Facebook's conscious business decision to run a global monopoly. If it was a decentralized, federated network, it would not have these kinds of problems. So, cry me a river! 🤷‍♀️

Hey #askfedi :peertube:

Any recommendation for a good Peertube instance around programming ?

I would like to host unlisted content for now and public videos later...

Any community to recommend ?

Booost appreciated :)

#peertube #instance #choose #search #chooseinstance

This Saturday I will hold a talk at #fosdem2022 about mainline Linux on mobile phones! Tune in live or watch it later!

Also check out the other great talks in the FOSS on Mobile Devices track!

Please join us in thanking Dalton Durst (UniversalSuperBox) for his work on
@ubports Ubuntu Touch, the #PinePhone and for all his contributions to the mobile Linux community.

Best of luck with future endeavors!

We have a new podcast episode out! 🎙️ It's eeh... long.. so if you have an hour to spare and want to learn a bunch about the following, have a listen:

* PinePhone modem updates w/ fwupd
*, cross-distro mainlining efforts
* OnePlus 9 (again, close to mainline!)
* Minimalist DHCPD written from scratch for initrd
* wpa_supplicant -> iwd

"To believe that you can fix money, or that you can fix the state, is to demonstrate a devastating innocence regarding the larger exploitative system with which they are integrated."

Fantastic article:

Epic Fail This weekend my daughter went to continue reading an ebook she has available to her from her public elementary school on the Epic Reading Platform.

When she went to advance to the next page she was presented with an error message saying that the book was only available during school hours, and she would need to subscribe for $9.99/month.

If you still remember physical textbooks, can you imagine being forced to pay a company a monthly fee to brin

An absolutely amazing article about how GPS works. It's a great achievement to visually explain things so well on the web. (most likely needs a modern browser)


Did you notice that rather than on PC where you download a generic image which you can just live boot from USB, on ARM every distro needs to support every device individually? It's not just lacking mainline Linux support, it's also lacking a generic way to boot these devices like x86 has. #SPIflash can solve this perfectly by implementing UEFI on a dedicated chip but current new @PINE64 devices are lacking this. Let's get loud to make them add this again in new devices!

I want a Web where CDNs are unnecessary.

Where different organizations, different website operators, can help each other out by hosting assets for each others' websites, thus spreading the load across many orgs in solidarity, instead of centralizing it in gatekeepers.

I've had this idea for years. The problem always was: how do I trust third party operators with my website's assets?

I believe I might slowly be getting to a point of having a decent answer to that question.

No blockchain required.

Wordle 211 3/6


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