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Debconf20 has been added to Kongress, the KDE conference companion application. The schedule's ical file is a little bit frugal but the basic information has been provided.

The level of stockholm syndrome among techies is fascinating:

"Google charges a few dollars for every 1,000 times the map is accessed by users. On the afternoon of the first day after the web site went live, Wu received a bill for $2,000. The next day, the total jumped to $26,000."


"Google also helped out by waiving Maps charges in the interest of fighting Covid-19."

If only there was some other, free, map. If only...


Α monumental moment of convergence.

I was testing Plasma Phone Book on my desktop when I realized that my Nextcloud contacts had been synchronized.

First, I thought that I had added
my NC account into the "Online Accounts" in Plasma Settings. But that was not the case.

Looking into ~/.local/share I found out that it was the KDE Connect plugin that synched the contacts from my mobile (where DAVx5 was doing the job).

Kids, families, and teachers shouldn't be forced to use Zoom, Skype, and other proprietary programs to learn and teach from home. Support their #UserFreedom: sign our petition and demand free solutions for remote education!

F-Droid's Firefox Klar has gotten stale again. It's also mentioned that it contains a known security vulnerability. Stay away from it, install it from Aurora or consider alternatives.

Just read this:

Regarding Plasma Mobile, it is mentioned that one of the reasons of not being selected for is that it is based on .

That's not 100% accurate. Plasma Mobile is an ecosystem that consists of a mobile shell, frameworks and Kirigami applications. It does use libhybris and Halium for devices shipped with Android. But it is not based on it. E.g the pinephone KDE Neon image, the postmarketos one, and the Neon x86_64 image don't use Halium.

1. Use and complain because its server side is proprietary, its client is based on google play services and contains trackers (thankfully, there is the fdroid version).

2. Use and complain even more about being closed and offering a client full of trackers.

3. Just use .

Digital is like protecting from 19: you can be quite safe when isolated, but you can't interact in a secure way with people if their protection measures are poor.

"Student Linux club refurbishes computers to support distance learning"

Stories like this keeps you motivated to contribute on free software. I hope not too far in the future, the students will also install distros on mobile devices :)

A couple of seconds after the power has gone out...

2000: The power is out?

2020: WiFi is not working?

Whatever happens... I just really hope that the #Pinephone and the #Librem are able to run the same apps.

That said, right now, even on the pinephone it seems that #UBports and #KDEneon and #Debian and #Manjaro and #PMOS are all running their own differently packaged stuff... :/

"Starting today, instead of the usual process of sending the data to the CDC, which then releases it to the public, states have been told to send it directly to a DoH and Human Services system that the NYT reports is 'not open to the public', which could affect the work of scores of researchers, modelers, and health officials who rely on CDC data to make projections and crucial decisions."

That's not how science works. data should be open.

Here is an Android app I appreciate a lot. It's living its life totally in the background, doing its deed every day without a sound. It allows to me to synchronise my calendars and todo lists with other parties through my nextcloud instance, enabling necessary coordination with my family and others without resorting to Google.

Let me present DAVx⁵!

When you're on Googly Android and want up-to-date TLS, you use Play Services. What do you do when you're on free software Android? There's no baked and ready solution yet, but there are some ideas.

AntennaPod author writes on @fdroidorg blog:…

The Greek government is going to spend 48.3 million € on licenses needed for the public sector computers. They have also admitted that atm these licenses have expired; servers and workstations run either unsupported or illegal (?) software ...

FYI, the debt-to-GDP ratio is ~180% and a large part of the remaining public assets have been transferred to a fund (HRADF) to facilitate its privatization.

It makes perfect (neoliberal) sense.

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