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Well, who would have expected that a browser that markets itself with the the fact that it sells its user's attention, is doing weird stuff like placing affinity links on random people's websites?

If you are running brave, consider to go back to whatever browser you used before or try out a new one. There are enough browsers out there which display a website as it is, and don't randomly replace links.

#brave #infosec #privacy

This is important for everyone using #zoom. It's not a company to be trusted if you are in need of decent privacy. Especially in activists circles. Please stay safe and take care.

Well, I did some research on the status of the ecosystem on both repos - and play.

On F-Droid there is Phone Track, Nextcloud SMS and OCReader - I did not find any of them on Google Play. On the other side, Google Play offers Nextcloud News and maintained versions of Passwords and Bookmarks.

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Any way to install Nextcloud Bookmarks on a non-gapps phone? It seems that the fdroid app is no longer maintained.

Are you interested in an entirely #FreeSoftware and #FreeHardware laptop? How about if it's meant to be modified and upgraded?

In this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with Lukas Hartmann from @mntmn to talk about his history in Free Software, the MNT Reform project, and the future!

Check out the videos of our @kde #PlasmaMobile sprint and workshop held in April, and find out how they helped improve the location of train stations on maps for KTrip, led to the creation of day and week views in Calindori, squashed bugs in Okular, and more.

While the media implicitly understate the importance of covid19 deaths of the elderly or people with "underlying conditions", it is interesting to read how these people experience the health crisis:

"I need a hug"

Unfortunately, in Greece there is a small minority of orthodox zealots that mention "the number of the beast" and stuff like that, while talking about surveillance.

OK it is funny, but they undermine emotionally, without arguments, the serious discussion about state surveillance that must take place.

Let's say that you are a big organization and you are going to name your new cool cross platform UI framework.

The chosen name conflicts with another open source framework for the same purpose.

1. You did not perform a web search before naming

2. You did, you found it, and said "who cares?"

Who led the digital transformation of your company?

" is your friend. It will save you from the bad China."

- Director: Cuuuuut! Marketing dpt provided some feedback. Let's write it again.

"Google is your friend. It will save you from the bad ."

- Director: Good. Let's release it. Now go for the, " sends your perfect match within two days - just needs some data".

#Briar in a nutshell:
(image description available )

to get it, or to read more about Briar, go to:

Amazing documentary on Regenerative Agriculture (13min) in Australia.

#permaculture #soil

'From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture'

Just listened to the "How to organise under lockdown" episode of the "Weekly Economics Podcast". Interesting, but...

The term "zoom meeting" was repeatedly used instead of "video conference".

It's very common; people organising using tools that undermine their freedom. people, tech cooperatives and people that organize should jointly address this problem.

E.g. if you are a tech group that hosts a or instance and you are aware of activists/union/community reach out to them.

There are two kinds of shortcut users; those who have found them in documentation and those who have found them by wrong typing.

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