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On top of that, the coffee nationalism :P Cypriots, Turks, Serbians and Greeks (among others ?) call the exact same type of coffee Cypriot, Turkish, etc... :)

If flatpak is available in your raspbian, you may install calibre from flathub which offers the latest version.

I honestly think the problem with learning to program is the attitude of what programming is for.

Instead of another tool to think with, to create and explore with, it is simply a skillset needed for a job in technology.

How can people ever enjoy computing when all the programming jobs are so boring? Or when the operating system itself is hostile to making programs?

Or even more pathetically, getting told that you are wasting your time if they are not learning C, C++, or Java.

I want to host a HTML file under a domain I own, without needing any central server/organization and without a static IP.

What are my options?

So far, IPFS seems the best. I can put my file on the decentralized network by running my own node and use a TXT DSN entry to point that to my domain (

Any other alternatives?

I'm looking for something simpler and accessible (explaining IPFS, even for techy people, takes a lot).

boosts appreciated ✨

When I was a kid I was kind of confused about how diet products work. In my mind, you were supposed to consume them on top of "normal" ones. So, eat, drink whatever you want, then have a diet soda and a piece of low fat cheese and you are gonna be healthy.

OK, that's funny, but it's all about a misconception in the head of a child after all.

Now, let's see how policymakers and corporates approach investment in green infrastructure and renewable energy.


"The officer subsequently raped Noor and her five-year old daughter in a small room used for interrogation at the border crossing."

Amnesty International reports horrific violations of the human rights of Syrian refugees who returned home.

That's the outcome of , and laws that prevent organizations from saving lives at sea.

That guy said:

"'Keep the camp of Auschwitz in good condition because I want, at some point, the national socialist regime to come back, Hitler to come back, take the Jews and put them in Auschwitz.’ ... Is one not allowed to believe and want to believe ‘I want to exterminate someone’?”

"There are no (borders) guards, if there are no dead."

OK, that's what a random intolerant hater said. Why should we bother?

Well, that's the new minister of health of Greece.


is not sufficient for security, but it is necessary for security.

Mobile phones with GrapheneOS pre-installed, ready to use by non-tech savvy people, is great news.

However, IMO, foss is necessary for mobile phones to be as secure as possible.


@nitrokey Android 😭 I understand, but disappointing. And that means no #mainline support...

@nitrokey Hey NitroKey, as a #postmarketOS dev this honestly gets me a bit worried. I've seen several companies jumping on the "Linux on mobile" bandwagon without realizing what makes the PinePhone and Librem 5 so great: mainline Linux kernel support.

Please make sure that if you make a Linux-based phone, it'll either ship with mainline support or has at least work going to it to make that happen in the future!

We will coup whatever element of the periodic table we want! Deal with it.

Elon Musk, July 25 2020


Chrissochoidis and Panayotopoulos, ministers of an EU member country, working as QA engineers that ensure the stability of the wall of hate.

And to think these hypocrites in the EU were falling over each other to criticise Trump’s wall.

Et tu, Brute?

The US losing face in #Afghanistan, at the price of so many deaths, puting millions at risk, is no suprise for anyone who followed the releases of WikiLeaks along the years.

Nor are the insane profits made from it by Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumann, KBR, etc.

None of the people responsible for the war in Afghanistan or the war criminals ever got sued.

Yet, #Assange the journalist who helped expose endless wars is rotting in jail, tortured by the Empire...


Greece is burning...

Thanks to decades following the dogma of eternal economic growth we managed to change the climate globally.

People in Greece are facing one of the hottest summers in years.

At the same time, neoliberalism and austerity policies marked as "waste of money" any reasonable investment in people, knowledge and technology to prevent or effectively tackle wildfires. Forests have always been an unprofitable "business", why should we care after all?

Interesting read, most points of the author are valid.

Probably this layer of successful, well paid, find-us-in-revolving-doors, useless and parasitic managers may not find a way to stop the remote-work tide.

However, I am pretty sure they will thrive in the new era as well. I can already see a remote-tools culture where "in a call/presenting" status means *productive* while "available" (probably because that person just works) means *lazy*.

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