Insulting people is bad. Insulting people in bug reports is bad and non-constructive. Insulting people in bug reports for foss projects given to you for free by volunteers working in their spare time, is like insulting people for giving you a gift you don't like. It does not make any sense.

Here is an Android app I appreciate a lot. It's living its life totally in the background, doing its deed every day without a sound. It allows to me to synchronise my calendars and todo lists with other parties through my nextcloud instance, enabling necessary coordination with my family and others without resorting to Google.

Let me present DAVx⁵! davx5.com/

If the only tools you have are growth and ROI, everything that's real and useful looks like a failure...

If people with such criteria found the fediverse interesting, there would be something very wrong with the fediverse.


To be fair, Jitsi multi-participant meetings are not e2e encrypted (unless sth has changed lately), and the google play android app contains trackers. IMHO, an improved version of the "use jitsi" suggestion would go like this: Use a jitsi server you trust with a browser or the f-droid version.

When you're on Googly Android and want up-to-date TLS, you use Play Services. What do you do when you're on free software Android? There's no baked and ready solution yet, but there are some ideas.

AntennaPod author writes on @fdroidorg blog:


The Greek government is going to spend 48.3 million € on licenses needed for the public sector computers. They have also admitted that atm these licenses have expired; servers and workstations run either unsupported or illegal (?) software ...

FYI, the debt-to-GDP ratio is ~180% and a large part of the remaining public assets have been transferred to a fund (HRADF) to facilitate its privatization.

It makes perfect (neoliberal) sense.


Instead of being illegal, I wouldn't be surprised if accompanied with statements like "Provided by a great corporation with the greatest engineers in the world that has created an excellent software, bla bla bla..."

Some years ago, caught collecting BATs on behalf of publishers and giving nothing to them. Recently, injecting referral codes into URLs for cryptocurrency sites.

What 's the most disappointing moment? Greek ministry of education using "donation from Cisco" instead of its own existing infrastructure for virtual classes? Mozilla endorsing Zoom for privacy? EFF giving recommendations to activists for Google docs secure (sic) usage? Or a friend of mine asking for privacy advice saying "what about Brave'?

Maybe it's a delayed April's fool day... as long as you pass the minimum standard for encryption without e2e encryption, aka "officially spying on your users".

Overconsumption and growth economy key drivers of environmental crises, while "green" or "sustainable growth" is a myth. "As long as there is growth technology cannot keep up, the overall environmental impacts will only increase." phys.org/news/2020-06-overcons

@fdroidorg @fsfe

The CDU's party convention resolution states:

"The open and jointly developed standards of the Internet and open interfaces are the principles from which we advance the digitisation of Germany. It is only through openness that competition can be created; only through openness can new players in competition challenge the top dogs..."

An application that requires APIs and approval by the "top dogs" kinda contradicts that statement.


The German Corona Warn App went live today. F-Droid cannot distribute the app for multiple reasons:

1) The core bluetooth contact tracing functionality is only implemented in Google play services and requires proprietary client libs to be included in the app.
2) The google api mentioned above is only available for use by apps which are whitelisted by google and distributed through the play store.

According to the -not finalized yet- US-UK trade agreement, chlorine-washed chicken is going to be imported from the US to the UK.

At first, people may avoid to consume it.

After some millions of "donations" to the media:
"Thank God, at least the chicken is so well washed!"

A set of simple and sensible measures to make the city worth living - written for Barcelona but it also applies to many other "modern" cities.

It's sad that, when put into the current political and social context, these measures seem either radical or naive.

Manifesto for the Reorganisation of the City after COVID-19

A common feature of totalitarian regimes is that citizens should treat other citizens as potential dissidents and, when needed, tell them on.

In other news, "Amazon and other companies offer a high-speed digital mechanism by which people can make snap judgements about who does, and who does not, belong in their neighborhood, and summon police to confront them."


is looking for activists as beta testers of its end to end encryption service: register as a paid customer, talk about governments' wrongdoings and check if your account has been suspended.

If desire for your own human rights were not enough, you now have another critical reason to avoid using #Zoom -- to protect the legacy of the hundreds of democracy protesters who were brutally murdered in #Tiananmen Square, and the human rights of millions of other people who want to protect that legacy.

"Zoom shuts account of US-based rights group after Tiananmen anniversary meeting"


#infosec #security #privacy #humanrights #censorship #bigtech

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