Probably Ubuntu 19.10 ships with a Kirigami version < 5.63. In such a case, you should build from source, or just use a VM with a distro that contains a recent Kirigami version.

According to WSJ , Google gathers personal health data of millions of Americans. Under federal law, hospitals are allowed to share such data, as long as they are used to improve the health care functions and help the patients.

That's a fallacy. Google will improve its health platform, which will be accessible only to the patients/customers of the medical centers that will buy it. It is not a public/community funded project for creating a public platform offered for free to every patient.

I no longer have a good opinion of Protonmail. They keep promising things and then not delivering on them - open sourcing, calendar, drive. It's been years for some of these things. I like #tutanota much better.

I'd delete my protonmail account (and save myself from some spam it gets) but then I couldn't ever change my mind and get it back if that ever looked like a good idea in the future.

We did it! We came together as a community and met our fundraising goal to defend software freedom from patent litigation.
Next up comes the hard part - winning this lawsuit and setting precedent. Stay tuned for updates as we progress forward


A typical example of an "advisor" that has no idea of the topic he is supposed to offer advice. And that's not an isolated case.


Industrialized Militaries Are a Bigger Part of the Climate Emergency Than You Know

"...we have been killing, dying, and polluting to ensure our access to the same toxic resource most responsible for our climate disruption."

Want to be in charge of a critical piece of software that runs on pretty much every linux desktop?

libinput is searching for people to eliminate the bus factor:


Would be great when such critical software parts wouldn't rely on the shoulders on a single person (not me).

#helpWanted #linux #libinput #freeSoftware

Our new #DNS service is here!

LibreDNS: a public encrypted DNS service, that people can use to maintain secrecy of their dns traffic and bypass censorship. We already support "DNS over HTTPS" (#DoH) and DNS over TLS.


I get your point about the more privacy friendly business model of Apple, in contrast to Google's Android. But a custom Android ROM, e.g. lineageos, without gapps is a more ethical, working OK as a daily driver, smartphone, isn't it?

From a legal viewpoint there may exist 1000 ways to avoid to offer asylum. But from a political point of view, this would be a symbolic action, a statement that they really mean what the legislation suggests.

The European Council adopted the directive on whistleblower protection. Among others, the directive covers the area of data protection.

Edward Snowden has revealed wrongdoing on that area by several EU countries.

Will the EU offer him asylum?


It came out in Greek cinemas last week. But, in case that you have not watched the most known movies of Gavras, I' d start with them :)

Total and ExxonMobil -two of the companies that are going to drill in the Ionian Sea and Crete- have contributed 54,25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965. Both companies, spend $70m every year on lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change, according to the Guardian.



Yesterday I watched Costas Gavras' movie "Adults in the room". Although I really appreciate the director, do not expect a masterpiece like the "Missing" or "State of siege". But it is worth it that exists a movie that presents how EC, ECB and IMF tackled the Greek debt crisis, by just insisting on a "designed to fail" plan that saved the European banks and led a large part of the Greek population to poverty.

So, we can now officially call Fedora "Redhat sid" and CentOS "Redhat testing" ?

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