Greece is #65 in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index, according to the RSF.

During the pandemic, the state has given more than 20 million € to the media in terms of a campaign against covid-19.

Social media and in particular had been the primary way for the very few independent media to promote their content.


Turbulent times for human rights, social media and journalism in Greece:

- is censoring, suspending or deleting accounts of well known independent media and journalists for defending human rights or covering protests

- journalists and non state-funded media are looking for alternatives

- the has -slightly- entered the public discourse

- the free media are still reluctant to embrace the fediverse even in parallel with facebook or as a fallback scenario

The #PlasmaMobile team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

I have always been against the death penalty. I never asked who is the person about to be executed.

This madness must stop.

This is a turning point for human rights in Europe. There has been no death of prisoner on hunger strike since 1981; that's going to change in the next days (maybe hours).

The prisoner has just been demanding to be transferred back to a prison that has already spent many years of his sentence. His demand is legitimate according to law of Greece.


Installed and configured with Nextcloud.

First impressions:

+ Fast
+ Feed grouping (works also after import)

- Full article fetch not working on many feeds that worked on Flym
- No option -at least on client- to disable article images
- No option to increase the font size of the article text

TBH I was looking for a server-less solution, but Nextcloud is not a problem for me.

Since I am not familiar with Nextcloud News: does it support full article text extraction (e.g. using sth like Readability, or similar)?

Just found out that Flym, the Android feed reader I have been using for many years, is not supported anymore.

I have started looking for alternatives. Any suggestion?


Police uses copyrighted music in protests to trigger platforms' automatic filters and prevent uploads.

So, do we need musicians to play creative commons music out loud in protests?


@signaleleven oh, sure! Btw, you made me smile, I didn't even think of that :)

Neoliberal state 101

The state has contracted a private company to manage a national road

1. If the profits from the toll charge do not reach a certain amount, the state has to pay the company the "loss"

2. If the road is out of order - e.g. due to a natural disaster - the company is responsible of fixing, and it has to pay a fine proportionate to the time the road was unavailable

Heavy snowfall: the state opts beforehand to block the access to the road. The 1st condition is triggered.


I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous:

Twitter's fancy "decentralisation team" spent over a YEAR working on... A PDF REPORT.

They could have literally spent a few weeks re-adding RSS feeds, which they removed in 2012, essentially cutting off tweets from the open web ecosystem.

In Athens, Greece, the government has imposed a 21.00 curfew on weekdays and 18.00 on weekends.

I am wondering about curfew measures (if any) in other places. I would appreciate it if you let me know.

If you have started checking the timetable of Fosdem 2021 to create a list of talks to attend, may help you.

It is a simple phone app, created for Plasma mobile, but you can run it on any Linux mobile -or even desktop- distro.


Many years ago, in my hometown, a friend of mine was working as a waiter in a local café where the owner was gathering the tips to pay the staff wages.

"What a cheap scam" I was thinking.

No idea if he has become a billionaire


Thanks to the awesome work of @alexeymin, Discover now supports #apk (the Alpine Linux package manager)! Coming soon in a @postmarketOS edge upgrade near you, and also the upcoming v21.03 release!

It was obvious but just saying again, @kde @plasmamobile does not have any control over what you can or can not install on your phone. ❤️

#BreakWalledGardens #ExperienceFreedom #PlasmaMobile

That's irony at its best: Google is one of the gold sponsors of #FOSDEM, and less than a week before the conference begins, it removes #Element from the Play Store. Element is the most-used application for access to the #Matrix infrastructure that FOSDEM depends on.

The same repeating pattern; reading in the RSS feed of that progressive site about that interesting online conference about surveillance, civil rights and liberties, etc. "Find the link of the conference here". Check the link. Either a Facebook event or just a Zoom meeting...

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