Yes it does:) That's the way I read stuff when not in the rss world.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine visited a mobile service shop, to fix an issue on her phone. The store employee, after looking into the device, asked her: Signal? This uses e2e communication... Why? Are you a journalist?

So, instead of basic human right, privacy is now considered a "special case" ?

Here is some good #privacy news: the Eu Advocate General has concluded national mass retention laws in the EU are illegal. Countries can not demand that internet providers just keep massive amounts of personal data because it might be useful some day.

But the -almost- blob free hardware is already here, with a vibrant , community driven, software ecosystem around it. So, the best is coming :)



I used only bus and tram and it worked flawlessly; without providing arrival times, but because of the plenty of alternatives and frequency of itineraries it did not bother me. Though, schedules would be nice indeed.

Yes we can do without . I spent three days in Brussels for with a phone without gapps, using osmand public transport navigation; it worked perfectly for me. Many thanks to the osmand developers and the community.

Since most eBook readers are devices we cannot trust, letting them connect in a local network to a self hosted server makes them usable :)

Here wo go! #fosdem get ready as Matrix is about to turn e2e encryption by default! Happening in K1.105 now! Or live on stream.fosdem.org/k1105.m3u8

Mega excited to collaborate with Jora Kasapi & Sonia Budini on the implementation of thealbanian.house 🏠😍

Through #opensource & open licensed content the project provides detailed digital documentation of traditional #Albanian houses. Blog post 👉

I'll be presenting on the FOSDEM main stage about Linux on mobile together with Merlijn Wajer from Maemo Leste. If you can not make it, make sure to watch the livestream!


Sympathy for the devil

"Red Hat and IBM Jointly File Another Amicus Brief In Google v. Oracle, Arguing APIs Are Not Copyrightable"


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