"We moved to GitHub because everyone's already there"

"We shut down the mailing lists because most of our users prefer to use GitLab in their web browser"

"We're rewriting in Rust because we don't really have any non-x86_64 users"

"We're leaving IRC because Discord is more user-friendly"

What all of these arguments have in common is that they exclude people, centralize infrastructure, and eschew free software for proprietary solutions, all in the name of some ill-defined measure of "progress".

Solid is a hardware integration framework. But, do you know that there is a -documented- song dedicated to it?


When I was taking this photo, I was not alone; but I did not ask my company to validate that the writing on the garage door did exist.

The fact that you can read it just confirms the "developers collective hallucination" scenario.

#PlasmaMobile has a new virtual keyboard, an overhauled lockscreen, an optimized clock app and a (work in progress) game center! Read up about all the changes here:


Btw Varoufakis is a well-respected progressive economist anywhere but in Greece; in his home country he has suffered a character assassination by the media, because he has suggested an alternative program to the austerity policies.


It reminds me of this photo...


It was taken during a shoot for the "Greek next top model" TV show.

Context: Greece has been experiencing a deep economic crisis since 2010, mostly due to the hard austerity measures imposed by the EC and the IMF.

Thanks, but no thanks, Microsoft. True support for GNU/Linux requires supporting users' freedom, not just allowing them to run your proprietary program. u.fsf.org/35q

@lps According to my own interpretation of its description - I don't speak French :) - I thought it had an academic scope. So, it supports searching against multiple peertube instances? I will certainly give it a try, thanks.

UNITY is a compilation of 160 songs from 160 Greek artists. The compilation can be downloaded for 5€, or with a “pay what you want” option. The revenue will be used for the supply of basic goods to the refugees of Moria.


Now that sepiasearch.org is a thing, a touch friendly, foss, linux-on-mobile player, connecting the federation of the peertube servers with the mobile user, is looking for potential authors and maintainers.

#CoopCycle es una #federación de #cooperativas de entrega por #bicicleta. Gobernada democráticamente por las cooperativas, su fundamento es la #solidaridad entre ellas 🚴🏾‍♂️ coopcycle.org/es/

At the moment this functionality does not exist. It is still pending on a PIM backend that could be used in Plasma Mobile - there is ongoing discussion on this. Unfortunately, the Akonadi backend in its current state, can't be used on mobile. When such a backend comes to existence, Calindori will make use of it.

Calindori 1.2 is out, the first stable release as a KDE application.

If you are running Linux on mobile you will probably find it useful. But you can also use it on desktop, since it is based on Kirigami, the KDE Framework for mobile and convergent desktop.


Coder's IDE KDevelop had a new release tonight during .

"This release brings half a year of work, focused mainly on stability, performance, and future maintainability"

Python 3.9. PHP 7.1's syntax. Improved CMake project support.
Grab the AppImage or distro package.


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