Greece is burning...

Thanks to decades following the dogma of eternal economic growth we managed to change the climate globally.

People in Greece are facing one of the hottest summers in years.

At the same time, neoliberalism and austerity policies marked as "waste of money" any reasonable investment in people, knowledge and technology to prevent or effectively tackle wildfires. Forests have always been an unprofitable "business", why should we care after all?

Here is the list of MEPs voted against that allows e-mail and chat surveillance by the service providers.

"Your Consumer DNA Test Could Get Your Distant Cousin Convicted of a Crime"

You may have nothing to hide, but your distant cousin may be an living in an county under an authoritarian regime. What about them?

You may trust your county's police and judiciary system. Your distant cousin may have valid reasons not to do so.

After all, caring for your privacy is not just about you but it is about others privacy. But who cares?


I recently visited the cottage of a friend. The decoration has been kept intact for many years.

This singing "rainbow trout"...

"CCTV system and video monitors, drone flights over the facilities to detect incidents, perimeter violation alarms with cameras, control gates with metal detectors and x-ray devices and an automated system for public announcements, broadcast from loudspeakers."

No, that's neither the way "technology" should be applied nor the way EU tax payers money should be spent.

Conference organizers are free to choose the tools they like to do the job.

However, tools matter and the medium is part of the message. The adoption of proprietary tools and a platform that has censored academics does send a message, but a wrong one.

A nice visualization tool for Convolutional Neural Networks. I really like how clearly it illustrates the convolution and pooling steps.

The main tracks of the rc3 conference have been added to Kongress, the conference companion application of KDE.

Kongress can be found in various PinePhone distributions that offer @plasmamobile and in the flaptpak nightlies kdeapps repository for ARM and x84_64.

It is also available in the F-Droid repository of KDE.

Many thanks to the rc3 infodesk team for their support.

Calindori 1.2 is out, the first stable release as a KDE application.

If you are running Linux on mobile you will probably find it useful. But you can also use it on desktop, since it is based on Kirigami, the KDE Framework for mobile and convergent desktop.

Thanks to the work of David Barchiesi, Kongress, the conference companion application, shows the schedule in your local time zone. No more UTC-to-local conversion :)

Debconf20 has been added to Kongress, the KDE conference companion application. The schedule's ical file is a little bit frugal but the basic information has been provided.

A common feature of totalitarian regimes is that citizens should treat other citizens as potential dissidents and, when needed, tell them on.

In other news, "Amazon and other companies offer a high-speed digital mechanism by which people can make snap judgements about who does, and who does not, belong in their neighborhood, and summon police to confront them."

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