When you expect something like this:
But since the dream of growth and investments on tourism has come true, you find this kind of vandalism...

If auto play does not work on when playing videos on , just whitelist the website:

Preferences > Privacy and Security > Permissions > Block websites from automatically playing sound

"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't"

After the initial joke, the episode covers interesting topics, like data monopolies, GDPR, China's social credit system, AI algorithms biases, and measures for a more democratic digital world.

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

"It’s not difficult to view hustle culture as a swindle. After all, convincing a generation of workers to beaver away is convenient for those at the top."

Today I received a notification from LinkedIn saying that my contact xyz has just joined LinkedIn.

I can't remember having consciously shared my address book with LinkedIn. Probably, I have just pressed the big "Continue" button upon first login via the mobile app...

Here you can check if LinkedIn can access your email or phone contact list, and manage your imports:


turned 22 this last weekend! This motivated me to create a list of my favorite 22 KDE projects (just randomly put down)

1. plasma
2. dolphin
3. parley
4. planet.kde.org
5. mycroft
6. kdeconnect
7. timeline.kde.org
8. plasma mobile
9. rsibreak
10. kgeography
11. userbase.kde.org
12. krunner
13. konsole
14. store.kde.org
15. podcasts de KDE España
16. okular
17. kate
18. spectacle
19. gwenview
20. ark
21. ksysguard
22. yakuake

Study finds that air pollution can damage our cognitive ability.


If you are an economist, the solution is obvious: green economy, the big plan to deal with environmental damage while still growing the global economy.

If you are not economist (or just sensible), you may wonder: may we exploit a limited resource forever, even at a slower rate? Can we trust ‘green growth’?


Oliver Smith from tried to explain what's wrong with in a single slide. But he ran out of space...

Glosbit dictionary application that uses glosbe.com API running on a plasma-mobile device!

Interested in creating plasma-mobile applications?

Check plasma-mobile.org/findyourway and find a task to get started!

Te gusta software libre? A las 17:00 UTC puedes correr un maratón un poco diferente :) Maratón Linuxero!


April 2018: another fruitful month for community

Some interesting numbers after analyzing Git and svn commits in April (@kdecommunity uses Git for code hosting and Subversion (svn) for translations)

Total # of commits: 5998 (Git:4927, Svn:1071)

Most active day: 19/4, with 342 commits (Git+Svn)

Top 5 Projects, by # of commits
digikam: 353
krita: 246
ocs-webserver: 184
rkward: 174
gcompris: 129

Top 5 Languages, by # of commits
Catalan: 131
Italian: 73
Galician: 46
French: 46
Indonesian: 42

Which languages in translation repository got the most commits last week? (time window: 16/04 - 23/04, top 10 languages only)

How @kdecommunity developers described their work on projects last week? (40 most popular words in commit subjects during the time period: 09/04 - 15/04)

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