A nice visualization tool for Convolutional Neural Networks. I really like how clearly it illustrates the convolution and pooling steps.


The main tracks of the rc3 conference have been added to Kongress, the conference companion application of KDE.

Kongress can be found in various PinePhone distributions that offer @plasmamobile and in the flaptpak nightlies kdeapps repository for ARM and x84_64.

It is also available in the F-Droid repository of KDE.

Many thanks to the rc3 infodesk team for their support.

Calindori 1.2 is out, the first stable release as a KDE application.

If you are running Linux on mobile you will probably find it useful. But you can also use it on desktop, since it is based on Kirigami, the KDE Framework for mobile and convergent desktop.


Thanks to the work of David Barchiesi, Kongress, the conference companion application, shows the schedule in your local time zone. No more UTC-to-local conversion :)

Debconf20 has been added to Kongress, the KDE conference companion application. The schedule's ical file is a little bit frugal but the basic information has been provided.

A common feature of totalitarian regimes is that citizens should treat other citizens as potential dissidents and, when needed, tell them on.

In other news, "Amazon and other companies offer a high-speed digital mechanism by which people can make snap judgements about who does, and who does not, belong in their neighborhood, and summon police to confront them."


Well, I did some research on the status of the ecosystem on both repos - and play.

On F-Droid there is Phone Track, Nextcloud SMS and OCReader - I did not find any of them on Google Play. On the other side, Google Play offers Nextcloud News and maintained versions of Passwords and Bookmarks.

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Unfortunately, the official narrative in Greece is that our country is under attack; attacked by poor people that hope for a better future, trying to leave poverty and war behind. Worse yet, this narrative is adopted by a large part of the population.

Nevertheless, some folks have opted to be on the right side of history.

Industrialized Militaries Are a Bigger Part of the Climate Emergency Than You Know

"...we have been killing, dying, and polluting to ensure our access to the same toxic resource most responsible for our climate disruption."

Total and ExxonMobil -two of the companies that are going to drill in the Ionian Sea and Crete- have contributed 54,25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965. Both companies, spend $70m every year on lobbying to delay, control or block policies to tackle climate change, according to the Guardian.



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