Don't look up. There is no nuclear war risk, do not listen to those who fear escalation of the conflict with unprecedented outcomes. Do not fight for democracy and freedom. Everything is under control.

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@dimitrisk there is nothing we can do about it in the short term..

Also with NATO, after the cold war they could have steered for a more internationalist approach to geopolitics. Instead they kept on going prioritizing "national interests", blocking motions against Israel.

Not that'd have stopped Putin, but he would have to find another pretext.

@dimitrisk Also the influence of neoliberal regime is negative. It influenced elections which may have lead to Yeltsin and promoted privatization which contributed to creation of the oligargy in Russia.

Also Trumps breaking of the treaty with Iran and Biden subsequent continuation of that policy puts into doubt the US trustworthiness in the first place.

@dimitrisk actually i might be wrong, this might be a perfect moment to change the direction of world politics, since the EU and US rather lack the moral right to speak and might have to defer to the UN..

Really though i should've shut up more...

I believe that your points are valid; invasions, forcible overthrows of governments, neoliberalism and creation of failed states is a recipe for disaster. But let me refrain from geopolitics discussion. In these moments, let's try to contemplate what war and especially regime change means to the poor, the common people, the minorities, the people who want to think freely and to organize with their bird of a feather, to the excluded people.

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